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InterPlay mit Masankho Banda

10. bis 12. Januar 2020

in Maibach, Butzbach, 45 km von Frankfurt


Du hast die Wahl: Vom kurzen Einblick bis zum vollen Programm kannst du dir dieses Wochenende nach deinen Wünschen zusammenstellen!

English Version below!


Freitag 10.01.2020
InterPlay zum Kennenlernen
19 bis 21 Uhr

Kosten: 20 bis 30 € nach eigenem Ermessen

Samstag 11.01.2020

Workshop: Storytelling
9:30 bis 21 Uhr (mit mind zwei Stunden Pausen für Mittag- und Abendessen)

Kosten: Seminar: 75 bis 95 € (oder mehr) nach eigenem Ermessen
Verpflegung: 31 € (drei Mahlzeiten, vegetarische Bio-Vollwertkost, alles frisch zubereitet), ohne Frühstück: 26 €
Übernachtung, Tagespauschale s.u.


Sonntag 12.01.2020
Focus Sessions
9:30 bis 15 Uhr (mit 1 h Pause für das Mittagessen)

Eine Focus Session ist die Möglichkeit, für circa 20 bis 30 Minuten mit einer InterPlay Form zu spielen oder eine Frage, die dich beschäftigt, mit InterPlay Formen neu zu betrachten. Es handelt sich um eine eins-zu-eins-Session, mit Masankho. Die anderen Teilnehmenden begleiten den Prozess als Zeuge / Zeugin (Witnessing).


Die Anzahl der Focus Sessions ist begrenzt, Anmeldung wird empfohlen.

Kosten: 30 € Teilnahme oder 75 € mit Focus Session



12 € (als Tagesgast, entfällt bei Übernachtung)
Übernachtung pro Nacht pro Person je nach Zimmer: Einzelzimmer 37 €, Doppelzimmer 29 €, Drei- oder Vierbettzimmer 25 €, Gemeinschaftsschlafraum 13 €

Zahlung bitte bar mitbringen.


Englisch, bei Bedarf mit Übersetzung



Maibacher Schweiz, Butzbach, Nähe Frankfurt, Hessen,

Die Maibacher Schweiz ist Gemeinschaft und Wohnprojekt, in dem 18 Menschen miteinander leben. Geboten werden gemütliche Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten, ein großer Seminarraum mit beheiztem Holzfußboden, Aufenthaltsraum mit Kaminfeuer und eine Sauna. Landschaftlich locken die Hänge des Taunus mit Mischwäldern und Bächen.


Anmeldung und Informationen:

Bernhard Staudt
Alt Maibach 12
35510 Butzbach (Maibach)
Mobile: 00 49 + 15 77 + 26 19 817

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InterPlay with Masankho
January 10 – 12, 2020

Choose your dose of Play!

Friday, Jan 10, 2020
Introduction to InterPlay
7 – 9 pm Workshop
costs €20 – €30 sliding scale


Saturday, Jan 11, 2020
Workshop: Storytelling
9:30 a.m – 9 pm, 2 hrs break lunch + dinner

Workshop: costs €75-€95 sliding scale  (or more if able)
€31 Food, three meals, organic and vegetarian, without breakfast €26
€12 space (if you choose without accommodation)


Sunday, Jan 12, 2020
Focus Sessions
9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (1 hr lunch)
€30 Workshop,  €75 with Focus Session
In a focus session, a participant receives 20-30 minutes of focused attention to explore, to celebrate or to get support for a situation in their life, using InterPlay forms and tools. InterPlay focus sessions are facilitated by a Certified InterPlay leader and witnessed by the other participants. The person receiving the focus session is free to follow the leader’s suggestions or not.
On this Sunday of the weekend, Masankho will facilitate around five focus sessions. If you are sure you’d like to receive a focus session, it is good to say that ahead of time.


€13 – €37 per night, depending of the type of room (Single: €37.    Double: €29.  Three or four bed: €25.  Dormitory:  €13)


Maibacher Schweiz,

The Maibacher Schweiz is an intentional community, where 18 people live together. We have accommodation, a generous workshop room with a heated wooden floor and a Sauna.


Registration and Information

Bernhard Staudt
Alt Maibach 12
35510 Butzbach (Maibach)
Mobile: 00 49 + 15 77 + 26 19 817


Informationen über Masankho

UCanDanc’ African Healing Arts

InterPlay-Leader from the very beginning of InterPlay

Educator, African Percussionist, Storyteller and Dancer, Certified Interplay Leader, Dynamic Communicator / Keynote Speaker and Management/Diversity Consultant

Brief Biography

It is most fitting to begin the story of Masankho Banda with the image of him, as a child, dancing under the moonlit sky in Malawi, Africa his country of birth. “I danced all the time,” says Masankho. “Even when I was not supposed to dance, my feet moved. When I danced, I was happy and my entire view of the world was transformed.” Masankho learned the fine arts of storytelling and dance from his elders. In their company, he spent many long days and nights listening to stories and dancing to music that captivated his mind, nourished his soul, and strengthened his spirit.

Masankho arrived in the United States in 1987, and earned a degree in Theater and Dance Arts from the College of Wooster in Ohio. After graduating, Masankho turned down an invitation to study at the Shakespeare School of Acting in New York, opting instead to devote his life to using dance, theater, music, drumming, and storytelling to inspire people of all ages to work together to bring about peace, social justice, and cultural understanding. In addition to this BA Masankho now has a Masters Degree in Culture & Spirituality from the Sophia Center at Holy Names University in Oakland.

Currently Masankho is a Consultant with Creative Events Consulting & Investments and is on the Board of Directors of Pathways to Peace, an International Peace Building organization, is a member of the National Association of Black Storytellers and a member of the National Storytelling Network. Masankho is also an International Certified Interplay Leader. Masankho has performed his stories and led workshops in USA (in all 50 States), Australia, Mexico, Malawi, Italy, Croatia, Sierra Leone, Morocco, Germany and Brazil just to name a few. In 1997, Masankho founded UCanDanc’ African Healing Arts to bring his passion for dance and storytelling to communities around the world. He works tirelessly to establish a worldwide legacy of peace messengers. The people he meets, teaches and performs for learn the power of choosing peace over conflict and are forever touched.” For his work around the world and all over the United States Masankho was awarded the “Unsung Hero of Compassion “ commendation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in May 2001. Masankho is currently living in Lilongwe, Malawi and Oakland, CA where he continues to work for peace, justice & cross-cultural understanding using the Arts.

For more information on Masankho visit or send e-mail to